Our Purpose

We are Homesteaders also. We understand the difficulties we all face and the value of community. We are here to learn from each other. We will strive to be a source of value added products that we all need and can use. Having strength in numbers we can negotiate discounts from common suppliers and help us save money.

Our Story

In recent years we noticed the country was experiencing rapid growth in Rural America, Homesteading. Driven by a desire to escape the urban calamity, traffic, and crowds everywhere in general, people began to look for a better way to enjoy life and family. We felt there was a need to serve help unify this community. In 2018 we formed the Homestead Association, a Texas Not for Profit Corporation, headquartered in Central Texas. By joining our group you help add strength needed to help each other.

Future plans include forming localized chapters for meetings semi annually, quarterly or monthly depending on interest or need. Please visit our other pages to obtain information of events, past and future. If you have an event planned please send us the information. We are attempting to set up our email system to be able to contact others based on regional location.

Meet the Team

We are Homesteaders also. We are here to serve you and are always open to suggestions and ways to improve this organization.

Michael Lee

Founder & CEO

Currently has over 25+ years in the health Insurance industry. Served on Small Group Advisory Board for Texas Department of Insurance and helped draft several laws for benefit of the Texas business community.

Laura Lee

Vice President– Secretary Treasurer

A Certified Public Account with over 27 years of experience. Laura is a owner/ partner of a CPA Firm located in Austin, Texas.

Three Board members TBD

Interested in having a role in our Association?

Next Steps…

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