What is Homesteading?

Well for some it is a return to their heritage and roots. Some are escaping the hustle and bustle of Urban Life, a search for a quieter way. Many desire to find a healthy self sustaining lifestyle. Freedom from restrictions is often a motivating factor.

Some homestead in cities and towns on their urban lot. Others feel a homestead should be out in the country on 1-100 acres.

Many Homesteads are settling on undeveloped land and going Off Grid when possible.

Many are still in the dreaming stages and working on their Homesteading goals.

What ever your situation we want to help. Our goal is to gather strength in numbers and turn that strength into discounts on products and services homesteaders want and need. We also want to help inform and educate Homesteaders by providing a calendar of Homesteading Events. Meeting with others is informative, supportive and encouraging for all. Perhaps we can publish a directory to help each us connect with other like minded people in our area. What do you want the Association to be? It is yours and here for you.

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